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J'aime la Vie

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

-Mary Oliver


J’aime la Vie was born from my own passion in life - inspiring others to connect, share their stories and become their best selves. My Unbecoming blog has documented my journey back home to my true self. J’aime (I love) embodies my life’s purpose that was there all along. Who knew how powerful an apostrophe could be! 


Part of my mantra for 2020 is to love my life and help others to love theirs too. There is a special kind of magic that happens when women who are passionate spark a creative connection with other women. Lady O (Oprah) once said a woman told her, “Watching you be you makes me want to be more me.” What an incredible honor. My dream is that collectively women will stop comparing themselves to other women and start wanting to be more of themselves.  


The world needs each of us to show up as ourselves, but sometimes we need a little help figuring out what and who we are meant to be. Elizabeth Gilbert suggests that we are born with a treasure inside each of us, and it is our life’s work to dig it out to show the world. It is my belief that by sharing and celebrating our creative endeavors, we can inspire more women to dig deep and share their gifts with the world. 


Rosie Molinary advises people in search of their passion to go observe someone who has found theirs. It can be pure magic to watch someone in action who is living their greatest truth in alignment with what they are meant to do in this world. Some women struggle to find their purpose. Oftentimes, societal pressures, gender norms, family and life obligations get in the way. But I believe it’s never too late to make our dreams a reality. 


I am dedicating this space to the celebration and inspiration of women from all walks of life. Each month I will feature a female who is living her best life. “J’aime la vie” means “I love my life,” and this motto is what the women on this page are exhibiting. Through hard work, persistence and a little magic here and there, they have found their passion and are enjoying the ride. 


Read these women’s stories, high five them through your screen, and share their beautiful life with people in your circles. Know that you too can pursue that which sets your soul on fire. In the words of the late, great Mary Oliver, “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” 


Lauren McAbee

June's Featured Guest at J'aime La Vie

"Do not wait until you feel like you're ready. If it’s something in you and it lights you up, it’s the most beautiful thing in the world for us to see that. When you are living your passion and your purpose, we feel it. Let me cheer you on!"

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I have a quote hanging in my office that says,

"Be more loyal to your dreams than your fears."

That pretty much says it all.

When I make it to heaven, it will look and feel like that moment in time and there was no going back from there.

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